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Yearly Archives: 2017


The sensible workshop and seminar suitability assessment

(Or SWASSA for short.) Whilst recently reading through the leaked Paradise Papers and determining which upcoming ICO I was going to invest in (none of that is true), I received an email to attend a business workshop hosted by the State Government. Having had quick scan of the event details, I accepted said invitation and

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Identity, Semiotics, & Haircuts

It's uncool to publicly proclaim your affection of something that is critically popular, and I’m not really sure why that is. I’m sure if I Googled hard enough, I would find a scientific explanation that would render this article (and your reading effort) a waste of time. However, this is happening. Identity. I suspect that

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Ridiculously simple core values planner

Download link at bottom of the page. If you have ever been part of a core values discussion, you will know that in many cases, the process ends with conflict, frustration, and ultimately a set of values that are deemed “good enough”. “Good enough” anything is generally not good enough, and assigning the underlining philosophy

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Business lessons from a four week old child

Last month our household was gifted with the arrival of equal parts cuteness and equal parts chaotic bedlam with the arrival of our first child. Knowing nothing about being parents, we ad-libbed our way through the first four weeks with our number one priority being not to stuff anything up too badly. Having survived the

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How to post to Instagram from a desktop PC

This tip comes via Louise Myers and is an absolute peach if you prefer to upload photos to Instagram from the comfort of your PC. Please Instagram, don't have a meltdown and ruin it for us... Uploading images to Instagram from your desktop 1. Open a web browser and log in to your Instagram account from your

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Sorry I’m late, I don’t value your time

A few years ago I was working alongside a senior executive who had a passion for punctuality. Any time a discussion around values and workplace behaviour came up, being on time was discussed at length. I felt I always had an understanding of why being punctual was important, but in hindsight it was more of

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The luxury of getting hammered on Reddit

One of the useful skills I learnt when I was at University was HTML coding and basic web editing. At that stage I didn’t know a thing about either. Back then, anything I made was exciting but in the context of the world, was also quite awful. What I had just made after three months

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