Seriously, we need to have this conversation.

Despite the fact that no one has ever seen Santa, we just assume he’s a dude. This is sexist and creates gender stereotypes, and will upset Twitter.He is an advocate for poor health. Most households leave out cookies or cake. By the time he services all of QLD and moves on to NSW, his calorie intake will be through the roof.He is an advocate for drink driving. Most households leave out brandy, whiskey, eggnog or beer for the big man. By the time he services all of QLD and moves on to NSW, he would be that pissed that the accuracy of gift allocation would be a shambles. God only knows what the kids in Perth receive.You wouldn’t trust your kids with a random man at the shops, but for some reason if he’s in a Santa suit, he’s all [...]

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Take the suck out of choosing a CRM

Ask 10 people about their CRM experience and nine will roll their eyes. The tenth won’t know what a CRM is. CRM’s can make business management and processes significantly easier, but only if we understand what we are signing up for in the first place, and setting our expectations from the onset. Nailing the implementation of a CRM (customer relationship manager) is one of the most liberating experiences you will have as a business owner. When done well, a CRM will manage client communications schedules, measure sales volume and pipelines, monitor invoicing and projects, and automate recurring activities or tasks. The limiting factor we commonly see with CRM implementation though is user impatience or an unclear scope of how the CRM is going to support the business. If there is no specific plan for how the CRM is going to [...]

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