100 Genius Concepts, Endless Enthusiasm, Absolutely No Idea Where to Start.

At the end of 2015, Andrew Knight quit his cruisey and comfortable corporate job to start a loose and unstable marketing consultancy from his living room. He references a conversation from his Uni days: “I remember talking to a lecturer about how powerful and influential marketing could be when done well in the right environment. I wanted to create that environment and wanted to create the consultancy that did great marketing.”

Having adlibbed his way through the first 12 months, he realised that a consultancy that could deliver great marketing needed more than just a solo operator and managed to connivingly lure his good friend Stephen Riley to the business by offering him a wonderful vision for the future and 500 shit-hot business cards. His skills matched Andrew’s weaknesses and vice versa, and ergo, KnightRiley was created.

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Our Team

Do work to be proud of, aim to be quality people, and do what we can to make our patch a little better than it was before we came along.

Andrew Knight
Purveyor of Chaos

“Andrew has two modes; relentless obsession, and off.

When Andrew has a project or task on his mind (whether it is work, social, or family project), he has to stay on it until it is completed to his standard (which often seems unrealistic but somehow it gets done). When he’s not doing that, his phone and computer will be turned off and he will be teaching our young son new “skills” like how to do a somersault on his bed or how to score free brownies at cafes by acting cute. He loves animals, works hard on limiting his environmental impact, and has a disturbing passion for 90’s heavy metal. The most inspiring thing about Andrew is that when he gets an idea in his head, he flicks a switch and kicks its ass. Patience isn’t something he is good at but he is getting better!”

– Krystal Knight, Andrew’s wife

Carly Thiele
Custodian of Momentum

“Carly is an undiscovered renewable energy source. All she needs is a couple of coffees and she’s good for days.

Carly is one of the least judgemental people you will ever meet. She is friends with everyone, liked by all, and always finds a way to see the best in everyone. It’s so annoying.

If you met Carly outside of work, you will find someone who has a passion for trains, photography, hip-hop culture, and generally trying to help people either through charity work or through generally being a supportive and motivating friend. When you get her started on her work, you will struggle to get her to stop. Carly only found her way into the marketing industry about seven years ago (2013) but when you speak to her about it now you’d assume she has been in it her whole life. She is loyal to a fault, is easy to be around, and works her butt off when she has a task to knock over.”

– Maureen Kelly, Carly’s mum

Stephen Riley
Integrator of Rationale

“Stephen’s work ethic and integrity are first class. And his weirdo sense of humour is entertaining.

Stephen is always putting people before himself and works hard on self-improvement. He is always reading or listening to something that challenges his beliefs or teaches him something new about the world… either that or bingeing movies.

Stephen is very process-driven and always seeks to understand the basis for why things are done the way they are done, or what the basis may be for certain requests (whether at work or socially!) He loves to experience new things (restaurants, wine, travel) and despite being extremely standoffish, is quite good with kids!

– Elise Nicholas, Stephen’s partner

History and Values

Our Professional Experience and Corporate Principles.

Andrew began his marketing career in 2001 having studied in QLD and London. Andrew’s strengths are his ability to take complex situations and simplify them into achievable, practical strategies, and conceptual work through processes to determine how likely they are to actually provide value. His ability to think differently with a systemised process brings versatility to each project.

Stephen has been an Executive adviser to numerous businesses since 2015 having spent his career up to that point in business processes, resourcing, and systemisation. Stephen’s ability to understand a business and systematically implement improvements is among his greatest strengths. His history in executive management provides him the unique perspective of understanding decision makers and employees.

Carly began her marketing career in 2013 and specialises in planning and execution, and market research. Carly has a strong affinity to the persuasive influence of corporate culture and has a background in photography (film and digital). She also has a fascination with understanding social platforms and social influence and how they can shape brands.

Start Excited Stay Excited.

We do exciting work and appreciate the opportunities presented to us.

Pitch Fearlessness.

We put the best ideas forward, not the easiest or the most profitable.

We Aren’t Everyone.

We ask questions and pay attention to maintain our relevance.

Never Know Enough.

Our best work comes from reading, listening, interacting, and doing.

Understand Urgency.

The highest quality outcomes in the shortest possible time-frame.

Businesses We’ve Helped

From various industries.