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On Saturday, cafes, bars, and restaurants will be allowed to host up to 10 people at a time in their establishment in QLD (20 in outback regions). As a patron, consider the following: ☕ The hospitality industry has taken a flogging. Resist the temptation to take up a seat if you are ordering something that could be taken away and hence leaving seats free for others who may be spending big. Parks will be reopened so grab your coffee, jump on a swing, and converse in undulating synchronicity. ☕ For the same reason, it is not a great time to fire up the laptop and work from a café for a few hours if you are not spending money with them (particularly during peak hour). Same as above but perhaps without the swings. ☕ If you feel compelled to do [...]

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COVID-19: The FAQs That No One is Asking But Everyone Wants to Know

Q: Was COVID-19 caused by vegan cyclists? A: No. Whilst vegan cyclists may irritate us in other ways, COVID-19 is not their fault. Q: I have seen footage of people stock-piling groceries and other random essentials. Is this something I should do? A: Yes, but only if you are a massive tool. Otherwise, no, continue to grocery shop like a normal person, or better yet, actually use up what you have in your fridge, pantry, and freezer first. Q: The COVID-19 crisis has reminded me of all the things I haven't done in my life that I was too scared to try. Should I throw caution to the wind and take some risks? A: Depends on how risky. If you mean having ice cream for breakfast and wearing shorts to the office, yes, go for it. If you mean pinching your Nan's medicinal [...]

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Valentine’s Day: The Cheat Guide

Valentine's Day is not far away and regardless of if you are shacked up or not, Valentine’s Day is a bit of stinker. If you (ladies) don’t get showered with nice flowers and weird underpants, or (gents) don't get experimental sexy time, it’s a letdown. If you do, you are probably on the end of a commercially driven burst of guilt. These are complicated times. With that in mind, we came up with some ideas for those who want to do something, but not in the typical yawn-worthy Valentine’s theme. For those who are romantically and/or intimately engaged with another human (or several) at the present time: If you were thinking about buying jewellery for your other half, why not have a crack at making something. A homemade locket with a sweet note inside will significantly increase your chances of [...]

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How Much Should I Spend on Marketing? Easy. 5%.

But before you sign the cheque… Company owners can do some groundwork to help determine an accurate marketing spend for their cause. Most marketing horror stories start with a company being uncertain of their own plans and then offering a marketing agency a blank canvas to pitch. There are three key questions to consider when planning a marketing budget (this can be considerably more complex depending on a company’s circumstances, but as a basis, we start with the following): What do you want to achieve? Is it a revenue target, a reputation development objective, increased growth (market share), sustainability, diversification, or a combination of objectives? When do you want it? Is the objective a slow burner where low risk is the priority, or are the decision-makers in a mad hurry?Who is in the way? In other words, what does [...]

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Simple Marketing Budget Spreadsheet

Need a marketing budget template or spreadsheet? Use ours. We have trawled countless sites and utilities that provide marketing budget templates and samples, but couldn't find one that quite got the job done. The following spreadsheet template covers most marketing expenses plus ones that you may not have considered, and can be modified and edited as you need. Let us know what you think. If you find it is missing something, be sure to drop us a line. KnightRiley Marketing Budget Template (.xlsx)

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When The Robots Come

If you are looking to experience the most gloriously satisfying robot regime before it officially takes over, commit your morning for an excursion to your nearest McDonald's restaurant and take a good hard look at the environment beyond the burgers, shakes and eleven-thousand varieties of frozen Fanta™. One morning having woken at 3am with night terrors, I packed up my laptop and headed to the local Maccas to grab a coffee and get some work done. About 7.30am I left Maccas for the office. Over the next few weeks, I found myself at Maccas in the morning more and more often, mainly because I had early meetings across town and rather than battling traffic during prime time, I figured it made more sense to get over there a few hours early and be McProductive.I feel compelled to point out that I [...]

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The Online Review Myth

We’re the best. Even ask us. In our first year of business, a client spoke to us about a problem they had with their Google Places reviews. After 18 reviews over three years, they were tracking at 2.2 stars (out of 5) and they were concerned that it was costing them business. They asked us if we could help them sort it out (in other words turn 2.2 into 4+). We said that if they were prepared to train their team up to provide a higher level of service, we would “fix” their star rating. They said they would, and so we did. Within a month we had the clients’ average up to 4.2 stars. A month after we stopped the program, it was down to 3.4. Within three months it was back down to 2.2. Nothing had changed, but [...]

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Settle Down, The Small Business Failure Rate is Not what you Think

We were working on an article explaining how fear is commonly used in marketing messages (for example, did you know that your family will be crippled with debt and ongoing liabilities (yes, even the cute babies) when you die unless you sign up to some random insurance policy today…) and came across the troubling statistics of small business failure rates. Did you know that almost half of small businesses fail within the first three years? That is very concerning, and it is also completely false. This is an example of how adding fear to taking context and reframing it in a manner that compels “us” (actually fear) to buy a particular product or service. Then Statistically, What is the Failure Rate? It’s almost impossible to find out. The Australian Bureau of Statistics tells us that for the Financial Year of [...]

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Seriously, we need to have this conversation.

Despite the fact that no one has ever seen Santa, we just assume he’s a dude. This is sexist and creates gender stereotypes, and will upset Twitter.He is an advocate for poor health. Most households leave out cookies or cake. By the time he services all of QLD and moves on to NSW, his calorie intake will be through the roof.He is an advocate for drink driving. Most households leave out brandy, whiskey, eggnog or beer for the big man. By the time he services all of QLD and moves on to NSW, he would be that pissed that the accuracy of gift allocation would be a shambles. God only knows what the kids in Perth receive.You wouldn’t trust your kids with a random man at the shops, but for some reason if he’s in a Santa suit, he’s all [...]

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Take the suck out of choosing a CRM

Ask 10 people about their CRM experience and nine will roll their eyes. The tenth won’t know what a CRM is. CRM’s can make business management and processes significantly easier, but only if we understand what we are signing up for in the first place, and setting our expectations from the onset. Nailing the implementation of a CRM (customer relationship manager) is one of the most liberating experiences you will have as a business owner. When done well, a CRM will manage client communications schedules, measure sales volume and pipelines, monitor invoicing and projects, and automate recurring activities or tasks. The limiting factor we commonly see with CRM implementation though is user impatience or an unclear scope of how the CRM is going to support the business. If there is no specific plan for how the CRM is going to [...]

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