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Announcing Vandalist

When we originally chose to call ourselves "KnightRiley", our logic was to choose a safe name that we could work with without too much trouble – basically a brand that would not get in our way. For those who haven't solved the mystery, the name came from my surname (Knight) and Stephen's surname (Riley). Why

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Over the weekend I received a spam from an adult services provider that caught my attention: PAY FOR PERFORMANCE! What a great idea. While not completely across the concept, my assumption is that the premise is that a patron pays the establishment based on the level of value they receive from their experience. If you

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It’s not you, it’s me: breaking up with

Dear, let me begin by saying how much I loved you. You were truly like a website I had never experienced and one that fulfilled me in ways I had not imagined. But as time passes and as relationships evolve, experiences can become irritations and fulfillment can manifest into annoyance. Strong, consistent, overwhelming annoyance.

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Breaking Golf (and History)

Leading into the US OPEN, players and experts were all saying the same thing; tight fairways, thick roughs, fast greens, impossible pin locations. Generally a nightmare course. The winner will be the player who does the least bad job of getting around the course. The general approach to golf is hit as many fairways as

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There is no such thing as a “Small Business Failure Rate”

There is no such thing as a “Small Business Failure Rate”. The ABS and Treasury refer to a “survival rate” which reports on ABN renewals each year. But it does not measure failure, or success for that matter.

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Maybe worth considering…

On Saturday, cafes, bars, and restaurants will be allowed to host up to 10 people at a time in their establishment in QLD (20 in outback regions). As a patron, consider the following: ☕ The hospitality industry has taken a flogging. Resist the temptation to take up a seat if you are ordering something that

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COVID-19: The FAQs That No One is Asking But Everyone Wants to Know

Q: Was COVID-19 caused by vegan cyclists? A: No. Whilst vegan cyclists may irritate us in other ways, COVID-19 is not their fault. Q: I have seen footage of people stock-piling groceries and other random essentials. Is this something I should do? A: Yes, but only if you are a massive tool. Otherwise, no, continue to grocery

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Valentine’s Day: The Cheat Guide

Valentine's Day is not far away and regardless of if you are shacked up or not, Valentine’s Day is a bit of stinker. If you (ladies) don’t get showered with nice flowers and weird underpants, or (gents) don't get experimental sexy time, it’s a letdown. If you do, you are probably on the end of

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