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Normal Life Things We Could Do Better

There are all manner of things that we tolerate in our lives, some of which are beyond a solution. But some are just plain nasty... - - - 1. Display/ornamental cabinets. These are the perpetual motion of an ecosystem of redundance. The cupboard is acquired for the purpose of displaying things. It is not essential

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Cinemas might be having their Yellow Cabs moment

The traditional Taxi service only has itself to blame for getting decimated by ride share services. If you take advantage of your clients for long enough, eventually someone breaks your hold on them. You may try to fix this thereafter, but the market remembers that you had years to look after them but chose not

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I Broke Up With The News

What I did: I opted out of mainstream and referral sourced news and journalism, including social media, for three months. I did frequent YouTube, but mainly to watch sport highlights and film trailers, Mortal Kombat in particular. Twelve times. Get Over Here, April 15. Why I did it: I reached a point where it was consistently

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Plan for your Marketing Plan

Now is the time to start thinking about your marketing plan for FY22. That may seem like a lot of time but we have seen many marketing plans suffocate in the bottom of someone's draw through lack of time to prepare and therein, lack of practicality and suitability. We have some resources over here if

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Over the weekend I received a spam from an adult services provider that caught my attention: PAY FOR PERFORMANCE! What a great idea. While not completely across the concept, my assumption is that the premise is that a patron pays the establishment based on the level of value they receive from their experience. If you

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It’s not you, it’s me: breaking up with foxsports.com.au

Dear foxsports.com.au, let me begin by saying how much I loved you. You were truly like a website I had never experienced and one that fulfilled me in ways I had not imagined. But as time passes and as relationships evolve, experiences can become irritations and fulfillment can manifest into annoyance. Strong, consistent, overwhelming annoyance.

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Breaking Golf (and History)

Leading into the US OPEN, players and experts were all saying the same thing; tight fairways, thick roughs, fast greens, impossible pin locations. Generally a nightmare course. The winner will be the player who does the least bad job of getting around the course. The general approach to golf is hit as many fairways as

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There is no such thing as a “Small Business Failure Rate”

There is no such thing as a “Small Business Failure Rate”. The ABS and Treasury refer to a “survival rate” which reports on ABN renewals each year. But it does not measure failure, or success for that matter. https://youtu.be/Zebeh9d-yfA

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