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The 5 Ingredient Marketing Cake

Marketing plans are an essential component of long term successful businesses (we define "success" as setting a lifestyle, growth, or financial goal, achieving it, and resetting the goals to consolidate or exceed the results). But marketing plans are also hard work to get right, and therein, often overlooked or undervalued. With this in mind, we created a 5 Ingredient Marketing Cake which identifies the bare minimum characteristics of a business to identify in order to give that business the best chance for "winning" opportunities more often. The ingredients are: What need or want do your services or products fulfil? Not the technical characteristics, but the problem your offerings solve (this is usually a time, money, or stress saving solution). Being able to quantify this is important. How are your products or services delivered differently than your competitors? Are you faster, cheaper, more thorough, more responsive, or have a broader [...]

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Make Better Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most useful and misunderstood business tools on the planet. For many businesses, Google Analytics is "there" but has never been set up is a useful way, or is very rarely revisited to see what analytics are actually being provided. Analytics can tell us all manner of things, but what we really need to know is the data to help us make more informed decisions on where to spend our budget and how better to understand our users. And that can be as simplistic or complex as your decision-makers need it to be. A couple of years ago Google brought us Data Studio, a free data visualisation tool designed to present analytics data in a more user-friendly package. This is incredibly useful in order to simplify the reporting on basic website aspects such as: Comparative monthly website [...]

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Social Planning & Team Buy-in

Social media is still the most polarising subject in the greater marketing sphere. Most companies acknowledge that they need it, most admit that they don't completely understand it, and most are resigned to the fact that they don't do it well, but aren't sure how to do it better. Here is an easy way to get your social media effort working more in line with your overall company purpose. Assuming there is a dedicated resource or supplier who looks after social media, have them provide a fortnightly or monthly calendar of content to you that they plan on publishing. The layout should include everything that will be posted - channels, copy, hashtags, images etc. Once compiled, circulate the content plan to other team members, ideally in different roles or departments, for feedback. The benefit of this is to provide multiple perspectives on the content, and over time, [...]

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Defining Your Own User Experience Map

User Experience Mapping is the process a business implements in order to make a prospects’ buying experience as easy and repeatable as possible. It outlines the ideal journey a prospect undertakes in order to discover your business, how your business facilitates their enquiry and/or purchase, and how they are nurtured after the sale win or loss. This process is an essential strategic component as it allows us to identify ways of making the engagement process easier and more enjoyable for the prospect, but also to strengthen areas of the process that are weak or underperforming within our businesses. Aspects to consider when building a User Experience Map are: Time/response standards at each step (what is a suitable time with which to respond or provide action; how long do your competitors take, can you do it faster while maintaining accuracy [...]

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Website Health in 3 Minutes

Given that the appropriately intimate gesture of walking into a room and shaking someone's hand is now considered irresponsible, it is more imperative than ever that your website is doing what it should be doing. Here are three mind-numbingly simple tasks you can action right now that will provide you with ongoing website comfort: Contact your website host to make sure they take regular backups of your site as part of their standard service. Most do, but some don't. Best to find out now. If your site is managed by an IT provider, this is likely taken care of by them but it can't hurt to check for yourself. Register your site with an uptime monitor service such as Uptime Robot. These types of services alert you if your website goes offline (which not only provides data for how reliable your web host is over time, but [...]

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Google My Business (20min commitment)

For multinationals and online providers, this may be less relevant, but for businesses that either have a very local approach to business or have a need to have a recognisable and public physical location, Google My Business is not only essential, but inexcusably easy. A million benefits. Here are three: You can start to build a review base which can not only influence your google listing results but also position your business against competing businesses that may have fewer reviews or a lower overall rating. You will appear on Google Map searches which is useful if someone is either searching for a service like yours in your area, or if they are using voice search for navigation. You are more likely to appear in local 3-pack listings for when someone searches for services like yours in your area. Here’s how [...]

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One Page Competitor Analysis Worksheet

In thinking about how to explain or validate the need to conduct a competitor analysis, we landed on this concept: how can you know the unique value you provide to your market unless you know who your competitors are, and what your competitors are providing?     We follow a process which combines secondary research and a mystery shopping component so that we can get a handle on both the passive and interactive aspects of our competitors, or the competitors of the clients we work with. As a starting point, we have put together a one-page competitor analysis worksheet which you can download below. Additionally, if you need help completing your competitor analysis, contact us here and we can assist you in getting it completed. KnightRiley One Page Competitor Analysis (.docx)

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Simple Marketing Budget Spreadsheet

Need a marketing budget template or spreadsheet? Use ours. We have trawled countless sites and utilities that provide marketing budget templates and samples, but couldn't find one that quite got the job done. The following spreadsheet template covers most marketing expenses plus ones that you may not have considered, and can be modified and edited as you need. Let us know what you think. If you find it is missing something, be sure to drop us a line. KnightRiley Marketing Budget Template (.xlsx)

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