Ridiculously simple core values planner

Download link at bottom of the page. If you have ever been part of a core values discussion, you will know that in many cases, the process ends with conflict, frustration, and ultimately a set of values that are deemed “good enough”. “Good enough” anything is generally not good enough, and assigning the underlining philosophy

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How to post to Instagram from a desktop PC

This tip comes via Louise Myers and is an absolute peach if you prefer to upload photos to Instagram from the comfort of your PC. Please Instagram, don't have a meltdown and ruin it for us... Uploading images to Instagram from your desktop 1. Open a web browser and log in to your Instagram account from your

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Sorry I’m late, I don’t value your time

A few years ago I was working alongside a senior executive who had a passion for punctuality. Any time a discussion around values and workplace behaviour came up, being on time was discussed at length. I felt I always had an understanding of why being punctual was important, but in hindsight it was more of

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