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Identity, Semiotics, & Haircuts

It's uncool to publicly proclaim your affection of something that is critically popular, and I’m not really sure why that is. I’m sure if I Googled hard enough, I would find a scientific explanation that would render this article (and your reading effort) a waste of time. However, this is happening. Identity. I suspect that part of our disdain for those who announce their love for popular things is that at some point those things weren’t popular, and their exclusivity made up part of someone’s identity. I was cutting edge, I was an early adopter. I was brave, willing, fearless, unique. Myself. Finally, an object that tells the world what I’m like. But then everyone starts using it. Even though you were first, no one cares, because they love it too now. Now it’s their thing as well, and you are [...]

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Business lessons from a four week old child

Last month our household was gifted with the arrival of equal parts cuteness and equal parts chaotic bedlam with the arrival of our first child. Knowing nothing about being parents, we ad-libbed our way through the first four weeks with our number one priority being not to stuff anything up too badly. Having survived the first 28 days, we made seven observations that revealed uncanny parallels to being new business owners: Within a few days of getting him home, he cried loudly and frequently, and we didn’t know why or how to stop it. Someone suggested we throw him in the bath, so we gave it a go and it worked a treat. Business observation: no one is born a good business owner (or parent), but those who end up becoming good ones are the ones who are open to [...]

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