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Maybe worth considering…

On Saturday, cafes, bars, and restaurants will be allowed to host up to 10 people at a time in their establishment in QLD (20 in outback regions). As a patron, consider the following: ☕ The hospitality industry has taken a flogging. Resist the temptation to take up a seat if you are ordering something that could be taken away and hence leaving seats free for others who may be spending big. Parks will be reopened so grab your coffee, jump on a swing, and converse in undulating synchronicity. ☕ For the same reason, it is not a great time to fire up the laptop and work from a café for a few hours if you are not spending money with them (particularly during peak hour). Same as above but perhaps without the swings. ☕ If you feel compelled to do [...]

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COVID19 Update

We aren't going to remind you to wash your hands, or to grocery shop like a civilised human-being. We suspect you have probably had this suggested to you already. What we wanted to communicate to you very quickly is that: We are going nowhere, so if by chance you need assistance with your marketing effort, we are at full tilt. If you need a hand getting some communications out to your team or your clients but are unsure how to construct and deliver the message, we will help you do it for free. Email us and we will sort it out. The next few months are likely to be pretty rough but we have some ideas in the pipeline that will hopefully bring some assistance and lightheartedness to a shit situation. We hope everyone is well and stays resilient. - Team KnightRiley [...]

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COVID-19: The FAQs That No One is Asking But Everyone Wants to Know

Q: Was COVID-19 caused by vegan cyclists? A: No. Whilst vegan cyclists may irritate us in other ways, COVID-19 is not their fault. Q: I have seen footage of people stock-piling groceries and other random essentials. Is this something I should do? A: Yes, but only if you are a massive tool. Otherwise, no, continue to grocery shop like a normal person, or better yet, actually use up what you have in your fridge, pantry, and freezer first. Q: The COVID-19 crisis has reminded me of all the things I haven't done in my life that I was too scared to try. Should I throw caution to the wind and take some risks? A: Depends on how risky. If you mean having ice cream for breakfast and wearing shorts to the office, yes, go for it. If you mean pinching your Nan's medicinal [...]

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