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Case Study: $50 Million in 6 Weeks

Scenario We were invited to do a presentation at an accounting and finance function focusing on how marketing can help the industry shake old legacy stereotypes and bring a greater experience to engagements with prospects and clients. After the presentation we were approached by a Director from an investment company and asked if we could attend a meeting with his board the next day. We attended the meeting and were asked if we thought we would be able to help them implement a strategy for raising $50 million dollars in investment funds in six weeks, plus the week we had to devise a plan. The client had a CRM in place but was not utilising it well, there was minimal prospect nurturing in place, and whilst the business had a powerful history of positive results, it was not well [...]

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Case Study: Invigorating a 20 Year Old IT Brand

Scenario We were introduced to a 20 year old IT services business that had experienced significant growth for the first 10 years, a more steady period for the next five years, and a period of plateau and slight downturn in the last five years. Their marketing effort had been restricted to basic documentation and design work that could be facilitated by administrative staff. We worked with the management team to understand what they wanted to be known for, where they saw the business going over the next five years, and areas of the business they felt were dominant in the marketplace. We also spent time with the sales team getting a handle on the feedback they were receiving in the marketplace about the brand, and which competitors they kept coming up against. Our Proposal The proposal we put forward [...]

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